How to get from-to Fribourg

Welcome to Fribourg, a picturesque city located at the crossroads of French and German cultures in Switzerland. With its medieval old town, picturesque bridges, and rich academic tradition, Fribourg is a fascinating destination for travelers seeking history, culture, and alpine charm.
Explore Fribourg's old town, with its narrow cobblestone streets, colorful houses, and historic churches. Admire the majestic Fribourg Castle, which has dominated the city for centuries, and cross the famous Berne Bridge, which spans the Sarine River and offers spectacular views of the city.

Discover Fribourg's rich history at the Museum of Art and History, where you can admire collections of ancient art, archaeology, and local craftsmanship. Don't miss the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, with its colorful stained glass windows and impressive bell tower.
Stroll along the city's medieval ramparts to enjoy panoramic views of Fribourg's rooftops and the surrounding mountains. Stop in one of the many quaint cafes to enjoy a cup of Swiss hot chocolate or savor a delicious cheese fondue in a traditional restaurant.
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